#375 I Drank the Norwex Punch

Thursday, April 02, 2020

They had me at up to 99% of bacteria is REMOVED and I don't need wet cleaning wipes to survive this pandemic. 
One of my BFF's, Holly, sells Norwex Cleaning products. Unable to locate my favorite cleaning ... or ANY wipes for that matter ... I asked Holly if Norwex had a solution? 
And boy ... do they ever! {LOL} Norwex Microfiber offers you a powerful clean with nothing but water. These household cleaning products use enzymes for their incredible cleaning power, instead of harsh chemicals like chlorine, ammonia and phosphates.
I'm a Norwex Newbie ... and I'm soaking up these reads.  I LOVE that science backs up the Norwex product lines.
Like I said .... I'm a Newbie so some of the information repeats ... giving me more opportunities for it to sink in.
And ... I'm hooked.  And still reading and learning ...
Norwex believes that every home should be a safe haven. That’s why they constantly strive to bring you the most effective household cleaning and personal care products while radically reducing the use of chemicals in your home.
I couldn't help myself ... I'm now a Norwex Consultant so I can help all of my friends and family and acquaintances protect their own environments!
Click on Norwex Catalog (look to your right) to check out their 2020 and discover how you can make your home a safe haven.
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