#398 Faux-Dori Double Elastic 'Expanded 6-String Dori' How To Tutorial

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Expanding your Faux-Dori, so it can HOLD MORE!, is as easy as tying a knot! If you're like me ... pictures and videos always help as I am 100% a visual person.

So easy ... right?!
Here you can see my Dori is loaded up.  I haven't changed any of the measurements ... I've only added and it all works extremely well together.  YAY!
Here's my empty Dori from the outside.  It's important to keep your elastic straight and 'in its own lane' as much as possible.

This looks OVERwhelming at first glance ... but it's NOT!

These are the TOP elastics that will hold my inserts in place.  AND ... notice that I worked my center KNOT around to the back.  It takes a minute but it's worth the time if you like this look.  

Note that we are still using the same hole we punched for a 3-string Dori ... those same holes will also work for this expanded 6-string Dori.

How FUN and EASY is this! Double your space by simply doubling your elastic strings ... SO EASY!  I hope you LOVE these Faux-Dori's as much as I do ... they are SO MUCH FUN to make and to use.  Make your first one and you might just find yourself hooked.  (smiles)

Thank you stopping by my blog and YouTube ... I appreciate you and your support SO MUCH!  I LOVE sharing my creativity and showing others how they can be creative ... it makes me SO HAPPY!


For Supplies Used and Links ... check out any of the Faux-Dori's in this Faux-Dori Series! 

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