Toodle Loo Tri-Fold Mini Album

Friday, February 29, 2008


This is the mini-album featured on the cover of our March 2008 Homepage.

The concept for this album came from a contest entry we received from Rita Wetzel.  (Enjoy Rita Wetzel's Uptown Girl Tri-Fold Mini Album in my Photo Album).  I've had this little album stashed away for some time ... knowing that it would inspire me to make my own version some day ... and that's exactly what I've done here!  So let's get started! 

This Mini Album is so simple to make ... (it took me less than one hour) ... that's right!  LESS THAN ONE HOUR and I had a simple, smart, sophisticated and COMPLETED album ready to add to my collection or give to my beautiful niece, Megan, as a gift. 

The most time consuming part of this project is picking out which paper collection you want to use and then choosing which photos to include!  Because I like to keep it simple ... I used our Toodle Loo Collection ... WOW!  That was smart!  I didn't have to think about which products would coordinate and that saved me valuable time as well!

To GET STARTED making your own Toodle Loo Tri-Fold Mini Album you need a 4" x 12" piece of Toodle Loo Cardstock ~ this is for your Mini Album Cover(At the bottom of this tutorial I have included a supply list of the items I used to complete my Tri-Fold Mini Album).  Score your cardstock as shown in the sketch I created below.   


Rita designed her Mini Album using a piece of BLACK cardstock that was 8.5" x 11".  Here are the approximate measurements for her Mini Album Cover.  (I say approximate because depending on WHAT you put in your album ... you may need to make some minor adjustments to your Mini Album Cover).


TIP: I used my ruler and pencil to mark the 4 score lines and then used my Scor-Pal to score my cardstock.



POLISH:  Don't forget to erase your pencil marks!

Next I used my VersaMark Pad and my favorite swirl stamp to stamp images onto my Mini Album Cover.  You can stamp randomly on your cover or strategically place the images.  This is one of my favorite techniques for adding simple elegance and depth to any project I make.  I did this on both sides of my cover.


After stamping my images I folded my Album Covers into place.


I've noticed on a couple of my Album Covers that I measured and scored just a little off and the right hand flap of my Album is a little too long.  I simply trim off a sliver of the flap and then it folds in perfectly!


Next I lay my 3x3 Page protector in place and mark where I need to punch holes.



After I've punched my holes I'm ready to attach the Paper Protectors to my Album, however, before I do that I want to POLISH it up a bit.  So I use a strip of paper (1/2" x 2  1/2") from my Toodle Loo cut-sheet or I use one of the 'Color Chip Strips' located in the bottom left hand corner of each piece of Toodle Loo Cardstock.  Here is the image from my completed album:


For this tutorial, my assistant, (my 8-year-old daughter Sophie) wants me to use a piece from the Toodle Loo cut-sheet.  We are going to show you an optional way to attach the Page Protectors to your Mini Album.  (BELOW)

IF you chose to use EYELETS instead of BRADS ... set two eyelets on the back of the Album Cover right after you punch the holes.  You WILL NOT set your eyelets through all of the Page Protectors!  You will only set these on the back of the Album.  Make sure the 'finished' side of the eyelet is on the back of your Album!

THEN ... attach (1) the strip of paper (2) to ONE Paper Protector (3) using two more white eyelets.  Finally, put the remaining four Page Protectors under the embellished one and attach them to your Mini Album with ribbon.


I then flip the Page Protector over and using my Crop-A-Dile I punch two holes through my 1/2" x 2  1/2" piece of paper.


We are going to attach our 5 Page Protectors to this Mini Album using BRADS!  Not just any brads either ... these brads are all about the BLING!  Because I don't have anything in my Page Protectors yet ... I want to make sure that I leave some 'breathing room'.  So I use my bone folder to add some bulk and then insert my brad and attach the Page Protects to the Mini Album. 


Repeat this step when attaching your second brad also!


After attaching my brads I realized I had a minor problem.  On my original Mini Album I used eyelets, inserted and tied ribbon ... and that was how I bound my Page Protectors to my Album.  It was very clean and POLISHED.  This is the back of my original Album ...


This is the back of my Mini Album with BLINGY brads ...


Oh my gosh!  It's okay though.  I have a solution.  I pulled two die-cut tags from my Toodle Loo tag sheet and attached them together with the small green eyelet from my Toodle Loo Hardware.  Then I grabbed a roll of Wonder Tape and taped up the back of the tags.  I covered the back of the tags really well because of the location I'll be placing them on my Mini Album.  This will give them the strength they need to endure!


I then attached my tags to the back of my Album.  Isn't this a GREAT solution! 


After you finish embellishing your Mini Album you may wish to make a 'band' to go around it.  This is a simple touch that adds so much POLISH to your finished project!

Here are some snapshots of the band I created for my Mini Album.




I believe that the band is easier to create after you have completed your project.  Once you begin adding pages and embellishments your Mini Album will grow!

I wanted a little more DRAMA with the presentation of this album so I chose to design a wider band.  I started with a 2" x 12" strip of Toodle Loo paper. 

I begin by laying my paper on the finished album and then I 'measure my way' around the album.



I get my measurement and then score the line using my Scor-Pal.


I continue to work my way around.


I score every line as I go ...


And pretty soon I have my band!


Then I smoother it with double stick tape and stick it together!  Add some ribbon, a tag and it's finished!

Here are some other things I did that really added POLISH to my completed Mini Album:

I embossed the saying on the cover of the band, as well as, the 'things I love about you' on the inside album flap.


I DRESSED UP my details!  Adding a touch of Scrappers Floss really makes the ribbon POP!


Using my BLACK Gel Pen I added depth and playfulness.


For a FUN twist ... I placed some of my embellishments on the OUTSIDE of the Page Protectors!  Isn't this one GREAT!  The circle cut strip in Toodle Loo coordinates with a clever lever punch so this was incredibly SIMPLE!  I added the eyelet for even more interest.


I LOVE this tag!  Anytime I can write someone's name on something I do!  People (especially little ones) never get tired of see their name!  This tag is also on the outside of the Page Protector.


For the final page in my Mini Album I didn't mount my photograph on the standard 3" x 3" piece of cardstock as I did on the other pages.  I had a strip of 1 3/8" x 3" piece of cardstock and used it as the base for my photograph.  I love the 'airy-ness' it adds to this layout.  And if you didn't already notice ... I love to add interest to my photographs by gently sanding the edges of them!  LOVE THIS!  You can see the back of this project in my Toodle Loo ... Photo Album.


An EASY way to add POLISH is simply to trim or sand off the little tick marks that hold die cuts in the die cut sheet!


What a darling little Mini Album to make for someone special this Easter!  I hope you enjoy this project as much as I do!  Be sure to check out my Photo Album to see my finished Toodle Loo Tri-Fold Mini Album, as well as, the album that inspired me ~ Rita Wetzels Uptown Girl Tri-Fold Mini Album

At the bottom of this tutorial I have included a supply list of the items I used to complete my Tri-Fold Mini Album. 


If you need to replenish your supplies, have questions with a product, technique or are interested in one of the products I've used here please contact your ANGEL and she'll be happy to assist you!  If you don't have an Angel yet ... click on SHOP NOW on our homepage and find one in your area today!

My Supply List for this Project:

  1. Mischelle's Supply Kit

  2. V834  Toodle Loo

  3. B113  Toodle Loo Hardware

  4. B212  Toodle Loo Ribbon

  5. B313  Toodle Loo Cardstock

  6. T2804 Fancy Curls Stamp Set

  7. T2877 Life Thoughts

  8. T2893 This Boy

  9. S775  Emboss Pad

  10. S771  Black Emboss Powder

  11. F163  Marvy Heat Tool

  12. K100  Crop-A-Dile

  13. K409  3" x 3" Page Protectors (I used 5)

  14. F42   Classic Gelly Pens (Black)

  15. D89   Circle Pop It! Pop Dots

  16. F907  Lavender Scrappers Floss

  17. F917  White Scrappers Floss

  18. F241  Wonder Tape (For my alternate album with the brads)

  19. D303  Brights Square Crystal Brads (For my alternate album with the brads)

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