Our Matchbook Album Kits ... Basic Assembly Tutorial

Monday, March 03, 2008


Our Pemberley Bay and Rockin' Roxie Matchbook Album Kits are designed for People on the Go!

We spent many months designing these FABULOUS new kits (not to mention 3 major revisions right before we went to press) and 'WOW' we are so INCREDIBLY pleased with the results.  These kits are a great SOLUTION as you look for SIMPLE, doable projects

Our Matchbook Kits are printed on our Premium Quality 100# Cardstock and each piece is printed on the front and back giving you endless options and design possibilities.  Featured below are two 'snapshots' of our Rockin' Roxie front and back design options.



You can also see that the Matchbook Cover and Album Pages are pre-scored for precision.

Assembling your Matchbook Kit is a SNAP!  In fact, the hardest problem you'll encounter is choosing which side of your album you want to be the cover!  Then it's just a SIMPLE 1, 2, 3!

Let's get STARTED

First, I set my EYELETS into each of the FOUR holes on the Album Cover ...


This is what my Matchbook Album looks like from the inside after setting these eyelets ...


SECOND, I arrange my Album Pages and align them inside the Matchbook Cover.


And THIRD I use RIBBON to bind my Matchbook Album together.  This is an inside shot of my FINAL ASSEMBLY ...


And then I secure my RIBBON.


It REALLY is that EASY

FOLLOWING are TIPS and POLISHING IDEAS that may be helpful as you create your own Matchbook Album!

We have coordinating hardware available with each of our Matchbook Kits and we suggest using the EXTRA LARGE (shown above in ORANGE) or LARGE eyelets as I've shown here ...


Another GREAT thing about our kits is that you don't have to use hardware to put them together.  If you'd like to use RIBBON (or another binding material of your choice) you can.  Shown below is the front of our Pemberley Bay Matchbook Album using RIBBON binding with no eyelets ...


and this is the back ...


Shown below is ANOTHER binding option that 'hides' your RIBBON and leaves a very CLEAN, STREAM-LINED finish.  This is how the RIBBON appears on the FRONT and BACK of this album.


And here's HOW we did it ...


You can EASILY hide your knot BEHIND the last page in your album.

Another way to add POLISH is SIMPLY to CLIP or SAND OFF those TICK MARKS!  I know I'm kind of SILLY about those tick marks, however, check out my Tutorial.  You SEE them don't you! 


Do I design my album pages BEFORE or AFTER I put them in my album?  Good question!  We discovered that it totally depends on the individual!  There is NO right or wrong ... you'll quickly discover which way works best for you.

Our Matchbook Kits are so INCREDIBLY WELL designed that it's SIMPLE and EASY to kick the design up a notch or two with very little effort.  Here are a few more IDEAS we'd LOVE to share ...

  • Incorporate POP DOTS into your layout to add DEPTH and INTEREST.

  • Use RIBBON to add TEXTURE and POLISH.

  • Consider SANDING the edges of photographs you include.  You can also sand the edges of the Matchbook Kit!

  • Add more INTEREST with STICKLES or CRYSTAL LACQUER.  (Apply Crystal Lacquer to our Die Cut Embellishments and instantly they become SUBTLE show stoppers).

These user friendly kits offer FAST & FABULOUS results and are perfect for beginning designers as well as seasoned.  I hope you enjoy these kits as much as I do and REMEMBER to do whatever YOU WANT to make this kit your own.

If you'd like to know MORE about our KITS contact your ANGEL today or, if you don't have an ANGEL, contact us at TAC and we'll find an ANGEL for you!

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