Abundance Affirmation Cards

Thursday, July 24, 2008


This AWESOME abundance box was a Seminar gift from Kristine Cozine and I LOVE it!  I asked Kristine if I could share it on my blog and I can't wait to show you how it has INSPIRED me!  Before I get too far ahead though ... let me tell you about Kristine's project!

The box Kristine used is for Baseball Trading Cards.  Thank goodness my boys are BASEBALL FANATICS ... otherwise I'd still be searching! You can find this BOX at www.ultra-pro.com and it's called a Deck Box.

This is the BACK of the box ...


And here are the DELICIOUS contents inside of Kristine's box ...


Aren't these COLORS GORGEOUS!  Each card has an affirmation on it such as 'be brilliant' or 'shine'.  The box is chock FULL of these COLORFUL, UPLIFTING cards!


I LOVE this idea so much and INSTANTLY knew how I wanted to incorporate this PROJECT into my life!  I thought what a FANTASTIC way to CHEER ON my kids!  I want them to know they can do anything and that I'll always be their biggest FAN ... Kristine's idea was the PERFECT spring board for me and my creativity. 

So ... here's how I took Kristine's idea and have started making it my own.


Well, I didn't have a DECK BOX handy ... however ... I did find this when I was unpacking my Seminar suitcase and repacking for Grand Rapids this weekend!  This is one of my Target FINDS!  This is the box from a Johnson & Johnson Travel First Aid Kit.  I purchased this at Target for .99!  Seriously ... you can't beat that!  I emptied out the contents and started altering.


The first thing I did was add some Genevieve paper to the front of it.  I had a little photo of Sophie sitting on my table, put some pop dots on it, stuck it to a flower and glued to the box.

Then I took my Crop-a-dile and punched a couple of holes.  I set my eyelets in and added ribbon.  Could it possibly be ANY EASIER?!


Then I made a little card to put inside.  Yep.  Only one so far.  The felt circles with buttons were ordered from Etsy ... I LOVE these little additions ... just don't have time to make them myself!




I showed Sophie and ... I have to admit ... I was afraid she'd think it was a little cheesy ... I mean it took me all of 15 minutes to do everything here.  Would she think it was as clever as I thought it was? 

The verdict ... Sophie LOVES IT!  She thinks it is SOOOOO cool!  She has asked me to make more cards of her to put inside.  The next one she wants me to work on is one of her as a Chef.  She LOVES to cook!  She keeps asking me, "Mommy, is this REALLY for me?!"  She wants to keep it in her room!  That makes my heart feel REALLY good!

I'm still working on the one for Boy.  I started his before Sophie ... I'm just stuck.  I will snap out of it though!

Thank you Kristine for sharing such an INCREDIBLY GREAT project with me!  I LOVE this and it's so much FUN to make ... and EASY!  What a GREAT gift idea for someone special!

Keep it Simple!



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