Flip Flop Birthday Count-Down

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


No ... I don't have a Flip Flop Fetish if that's what you're thinking!  (Maybe I do actually).


This project is actually inspired by a class I recently took with Heidi Swapp.  The class I took was not this project, however, Heidi showed us another way to take the project we were making and incorporate it into something else ... she had created a 2-week Birthday Count-Down for her son.  I LOVED the concept!  So I RAN with it!  Heidi made her Count-Down out of Cardstock ... I decided to make mine out of a FLIP FLOP

This Count-Down is for my daughter SophieSophie's birthday is February 9th so I made this Count-Down so it would start on January 1.  (Because from January 1st - February 8th Sophie wants to know how long 'till her birthday).

So ... before I started I gave myself a CHALLENGE.  I could ONLY use supplies I had IN my Studio.  Right here.  Right now.  Can't go buy anything.  I have to use what I have.  The purpose of this CHALLENGE was to USE some of the STUFF I had!  I'm always buying more, more, more and not using what I already have!  I see all of your heads nodding.  You know!

So ... I've used OLD supplies and new supplies and supplies I don't even know where it came from.  But I did it!

The first thing I did was pull out my Pop Rockz Soar With It Collection.  I used my Giant Purple Scallop Punch and starting punching.  I used 3 papers from Pop Rockz.


After I punched enough squares I pulled out an old Sizzix Alphabet I had that we used to carry in our catalogue.  It was the first time this had EVER been used.  Because this was for Sophie I found some Glitter Sticker Paper that was on my shelf and started rolling out numbers.  This process took the longest (mostly because I had to keep counting how many days and re-counting just to make sure I was counting right.  I even called Shug once and he seemed annoyed.  I dropped it. Trust your count I said.).

My numbers seemed to blend into the background of GLITTER so I took a White Opaque Gel Pen and outlined them.  It did the trick.


After I stuck the numbers to the squares I punched them all in my Bind-it-All.  Easy enough!

And then ... NO ... the Flip Flop didn't fit in my Bind-it-All.  Not a problem.  I marked where the holes were and used my Carl Drill Press to chisel them out.  Worked like a charm.  Then I attached the Count-Down Scallop Squares to the Flip Flop.

Somewhere I thought I should identify what this Flip Flop was ... so I added 'Birthday Count Down' on one of the Pop Rockz Tabs and attached it.  Now what is a tab without some BLING?!  Especially when Sophie is concerned.  So I added a Blingy Brad.


Next I pulled out a tin full of flowers I'd never used and grabbed a pink and a purple.  I punched a hole into the plastic part of the Flip Flop with my Crop-o-dile and used a Blingy Brad to attach the flowers to the 'V' in the Flip Flop.


I had also seen some Stickles sitting off, all alone, in the corner of my studio.  So ... I grabbed it and Stickled each of the WHITE dots on the Flip Flop.  I must admit ... I LOVE how the Stickles looks on this!  So specTACular in person!  I actually think it shows better in the photo above!


So here's what Sophie's Count-Down was looking like ~


I was liking this nice and clean look, however, it so wasn't Sophie!  I found some fun foam Princess Crowns I had purchased at our local craft store.  I doodled on one with my white gel pen and then added some Stickles ... now we're talking Sophie!  I found a photo of Soph, sanded the edges of the photograph and attached it to the crown.


Of course ... it needed Ribbon and Scrappers Floss!


Here is the beautiful back.  I added some empty Pop Dot Strips and prepped it for the Flip Flop.


Pretty hugh!  Then I attached it to the Flip Flop and WALLAH!  It instantly became much more FESTIVE and Sophie-like.

For the hanger I took some Ribbon and threaded it through the holes I had made for the Bind-it-All Wire.


This is hard to see I know.  I threaded the ribbon through the two outer holes and then the ends through the two middle holes.  The hanger actually hangs in back of the Flip Flop.


Instead of messing with ties I used glue to secure the Ribbon ends on back.  I didn't want to create any bulk that would interfere with the Scallop Squares when they were flipped over.


Under the #1 I found an old birthday photo of Sophie (after she had played dress up) and attached it.  Just for a nice, finishing touch.



I showed this to my family and here is how the conversation went down~

(S=Sophie; B=Boy; M=Mom; D=Dad)


M - "You do!"  Happy and excited and giddy.

S - "YES!  I LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!"  Taking it from mom and caressing it.

D - not speaking ... just looking at me like I'm a dork.

M - "Do you know what it is?"

S - "I have no idea but I LOVE it!"

B - "What the heck is it?"

M - "It's a Birthday Count-Down."

S - "So I'm gonna' be 40?"

M - "No." Laughing.  "On January 1st you start counting down the days until your birthday.  There are 40." 

Mom shows Sophie how it works.  Boy is going crazy talking about the days, hours and time before his birthday.  HUGE conversation erupts.

S - "Are you going to make a Flip Flop for Brother?" trying not to laugh, but, laughing.

M - "No.  But I am making him a Count Down."

B - "You are?!" Not wanting a Flip Flop but clearly wanting his own Count Down.

M - "Yep.  And you are going to LOVE it!"

S - "Can I start mine today?"

My fun and silly family.  We are so normal it's crazy!

I hope this has inspired you in some way.  This really was FUN to create ... along with FAST and EASY!  Next week I will be posting the Count Down I made for my Boy ... I'm dying to share it ... don't tell Sophie ... but it's my FAVORITE!  I so LOVE his!

Until then ... Enjoy!


If you need to replenish your supplies, have questions with a product, technique or are interested in one of the products I've used here please contact your ANGEL and she'll be happy to assist you!  If you don't have an Angel yet ... click on SHOP NOW on our homepage and find one in your area today!

Supply List:

  1. Pop Rockz SWIC          V827

  2. Pink Scrappers Floss    F909

  3. Black Scrappers Floss   F912

  4. Sanding Block              F103

  5. Bind-it-All                    F506

  6. 1 1/4" Silver Wire        F529

  7. Giga Scallop Punch       D703

  8. Crop-A-Dile                  K100

  9. Glaze Gelly Pens           F42

  10. Crystal Stickles            F516

  11. Pop Dots                      D89

  12. Crystal Brads               D305

  13. Miscellaneous Odds & Ends

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