Kevin - ESPN moments from last game!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


NO ... this isn't a football blog, however, it is football season and my Boy plays!  What kind of mom would I be if I didn't share highlights on my blog like they do on ESPN?

I love the photo above where they are after #45 in the white and then the photo below they've all thrown on their breaks and switch direction.  Isn't that cool!


UGH!  Do you see little parts of ORANGE shoes in there?  That's my Boy.


Here I see his ORANGE shoe and the #4 on his #40 jersey. 


Boy likes this shot.  He's getting ready to punt.  I actually took these photos from on the field versus in the stands ... I like the new perspective.


That's my boy in the middle with the football and ORANGE shoes. 


He always has a swarm on him.


He fights his way through and NEVER goes down without putting up a good fight.


OUCH!  I was by the opposing team taking these shots and the hardest part for this mom is hearing the parents in the crowd yelling, "Kill 40!  Kill 40!  Take him OUT!"  Seriously!  At least when the coaches holler at the players it's more like, "Stay on 40!"


There he goes ... hittin' the ground.


OUCH!  He still has that football though!


My little cutie!  I just LOVE this kid!


While I was uploading these photos last night of course the game was playing through my head.  What I remember most loudly were the parents from the other team yelling at their kids to "kill 40!" (because I was standing in front of their bleachers taking photos). 

Kevin has been a BIG boy since pretty much the day he was born.  He was always off the growth charts and always one of, if not the biggest, boy in his class.  What really struck me during this game is that Kevin has such a sweet, kind spirit.  When he was little we used to call him the 'Gentle Giant' because he wouldn't hurt anything (especially his sweet little cousin Catie).  If only these parents knew that Kevin is the kind of player they WANT their kids to play against ... he's not a dirty player and he's not out to hurt anyone. My boy.

Later that night, after the game, Boys dad told me that Kevin and a kid on the other team (I'll keep him anonymous) had made a pact.  Kevin knows so many of the kids he plays from all kinds of sports and I love watching them interact on the field ~ there is a genuine respect and they wish each other well

Anyway, Boy had made this pact with his friend, also one of the biggest players on the other team.  Both boys were hurting and nursing injuries so they talked on the field, told each other where they hurt and made it a point to not injure the other more on the field.  They were going to look out for each other.  They offered each other a little bit of grace out there.  Isn't that the coolest!  That's why I love football ... I learn so much from my Boy!

I am a such a blessed mom!


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