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Sunday, September 28, 2008


I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this Count Down!

Okay ... so I made the Flip Flop Count Down for Sophie and it counts down 40 days before her birthday.  For Boys Count Down I decided I wanted it to be more generic.  Just a regular ole' Count Down ... for a ball game, concert, date???!  You get the idea!

I had so much FUN making this ... it practically made itself!

The first thought I had was using this Bistro sign I purchased from the clearance aisle at our local craft store.


When I purchased it my hope was to make it into 'something'

Next ... I had to figure out which paper to use.  I needed something strong, classic, timeless, weathered and well-worn, masculine ... Winchester was SCREAMING at me!  I pulled it out and naturally went for the stripe.  Since the sign is larger than 12" wide I knew I'd have to piece my paper.  The stripe was PERFECT!


Doesn't this look GREAT!  Of course ... everything I used I have aged with my Burnt Umber Ink and my Stipple Brush.  Also ... I enforced the same Challenge I had set in place with Sophie's Count Down ~ I could ONLY use supplies I had in my Studio! 


Do you see where I pieced the seam together?!  The two patterns on the end ... they are the only ones that repeat. 

Next I grabbed my Winchester Cardstock and made a couple of mats that I knew I wanted to add to this layout. 


I cut each mat the same size and then wadded it up.  I tore off some spots and then took my sanding block to the edges.  Then I inked it up with my ink pad and stipple brush.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


Then I pulled out a box of shipping tags I had on hand and removed the strings from 20 of them.  I then set eyelets in the holes and attached these metal numbers using just eyelets.  Isn't this a GREAT look!  Remember ... EVERYTHING has been inked and stippled with burnt umber!  This adds to the POLISH!

I made two sets of numbers 0-9 in each set and then set them aside.

Then as I was sifting through my cabinets I found these file folder bookz that were supposed to be inserts for Ruler Bookz.  Well, I'd never used them so thought I'd incorporate them into this project.


I used my hardware and Woodrowe Die Cuts to embellish them randomly. 



If you open the folder above (on the right) this is what the inside looks like ~


This is what my design was looking like so far.  I then attached the blue pieces with adhesive.


Next I positioned my numbers where I wanted them and used a pen to trace the inside of the eyelet circles onto the blue cardstock.  I needed to do this so I could mark where I needed to punch them.


I marked both circles ...


and then punched with my Big Bite.


Yes ... my Big Bite went through the Bistro sign, although, it was a little challenging!  It worked ... it just took some muscle!  Here's the front view ...


and the back ...


Really very clean!  I repeated this step with my file folders and punched holes so I could later attach them to my board.  This was it for my hole punches. 


Later I attached a piece of corkboard to the blue panel on the right.  I really wanted to incorporate another texture into this project and it screamed for CORK!  How fun is this!


As you can see I used silver Binder Rings to attach my numbers and file folders to my board.  Does it get any easier than that?!


I decided that I also wanted to add another unexpected element so I grabbed an old Sizzix die and some Winchster cardstock and rolled out some scallop tags.  And then I remembered something I learned from one of our Angels, Heather ScottHeather takes the plastic containers our stamps come in and recycles them.  (She stores her stamps in CD cases).  Heather rolls the plastic container through the die machine and creates her own clear mini albums, books, tags ... you name it!  I couldn't wait to try!


How AWESOME is this!  I LOVED the shiny element the plastic brought to the finished project!  I also punched a hole in a metal letter 'K' and added it to the dog tag I created.


I took some of my favorite quotes and hand wrote them on the fronts and backs of these tags.  I could have used stamps or ran them through my printer, but, I just wanted Boy to have them in my hand writing.


I've gotten so sentimental over the years!  My Dad passed away 13 years ago and I really miss little things like just seeing his handwriting.  When I do see something with his writing ... it's so comforting to me.  So now I'm trying to write more things by hand instead of run everything thru my printer or use stamps!  I want that personal touch.

Okay.  So where are we at ... putting it all together.  This is how my numbers looked after hanging.  For those who are REALLY into Counting Down ... you could add a 3rd column of numbers so you could do an entire year if you wanted to!


Here are my folders.


And I just used a clip to attach my tags so they can be looked through and more interactive.


It works GREAT!  I've flipped over some numbers and they hang better than having nothing flipped over!


I did the same with the pockets and LOVE it!


Did you notice (or did I mention) that I intentionally attached some numbers to the 'backs' of my tags.  Like this ... I just wanted to create more interest.


For the hanger I used a long piece of ball and chain that I had purchased in the jewelry section of our local craft store.  I threaded it through the hangers already on the Bistro sign.


I also added felt circles on back so it wouldn't beat up against the door or wall it was hanging on.


Can I tell you again how much I LOVE this project!  It was FAST, FUN, EASY and practically made itself!  I want one for me!



If you need to replenish your supplies, have questions with a product, technique or are interested in one of the products I've used here please contact your ANGEL and she'll be happy to assist you!  If you don't have an Angel yet ... click on SHOP NOW on our homepage and find one in your area today!

Supply List:

  1. Winchester SWIC          V835  (AWESOME COLLECTION!)

  2. Winchester Cardstock   B316

  3. Burnt Umber Ink           TT218

  4. Stipple Brush                F113

  5. Big Bite                        K102

  6. Pewter Hardware          K412

  7. Pewter Alphabet           K413

  8. Pewter Hardware          B123

Miscellaneous 'found' objects from home!

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