Me and Cathy Z

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ok ... most folks don't know it but I am a HUGE Cathy Zielske fan!  I LOVE her clean and simple style. 

Well how EXCITED was I that I had the opportunity to take the VERY LAST class with her at CK Kansas City!  And she was so inspiring!  SOOOO worth every moment of the class!

If you have the opportunity to take her class in Minnesota ... I strongly encourage you to!  You will leave inspired!

So ... she was the LAST event of the CK Kansas City Convention for myself and even went past vendor tear-down.  So ... I was feeling and looking EXHAUSTED.  So what's the first thing I ask her while looking so frightful?! 

"Can I kiss you?"  She looked at me somewhat alarmed.

"On the cheek ... but ... not really kissing you!" I added.  (It doesn't matter if she is Cathy Zielske ... I'm a germ-a-phobic and seriously ... I bet Cathy is too!)

So Cathy struck a pose and I gave her an 'air' kiss! 

How FUN is this!  YES!  I LOVE my silly life!

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