Sydney Circle CD Album

Monday, October 20, 2008


So remember the So Much Laughter CD Album that Julie Griffith made?!  Well ... Julie's album inspired me to make this one.  And it was SO EASY!

I used our Sydney Circle Album Kit and WOW!  Did that cut down on prep-time!

If you don't remember what this collection (SYDNEY) looks like ... here are a few images of it ... this is one of the front sheets included in the collection ...


and this is the back of this particular sheet ...


This is such a GREAT collection!  You actually end up with 12 circles ... plenty for your mini album!  Here is a shot of this album put together as designed ...


Isn't she a doll!  This little gal is Sydney, and yes, we named this collection after her!

Okay ... back to my Sydney CD Album!  (I'm an easily distracted girl).

First I punched out my circles and inked the edges with my Burnt Umber Ink Pad.


This paper is printed on each side, however, you can see the white core inside and that is why I ink the edges.  It really polishes the final project.


Next I took my FAVORITE glue and glued each circle onto a CD.


Each of my CD's looked something like this with glue ...


Next I placed my circle on top of the CD ...


And then used my brayer to attach it and disperse the adhesive.


This is what the back looks like before I cover it with another circle ...


Here are all of my 'fronts' glued on ...


and here are all of my 'backs' glued on ...



Ok.  Next I pulled out my Big Bite and adjusted the ruler setting (WHITE arrow).  I moved the yellow adjustable bar where I wanted it and just had to lay each CD in the same spot and the Big Bite punched them all the same dimension.




How GREAT is that!  Your Crop-o-Dile will also do this ... I just happened to have broken mine and couldn't use it.  How did I break it you ask ... I punched too many eyelets the wrong way and the nobby with the 'tooth' fell out.  My Crop-o-Dile is toothless!  LOL!


After I punched holes in each of my CDs I attached Pewter eyelets to each one.  I LOVE my Pewter eyelets!  YUM!



I attached an eyelet to every CD, however, on the front and back CDs I made the 'clean' side of the eyelet face out ... like this ...


And then I put them on a ring ...


here's the back ...


I SERIOUSLY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this album!  If you are looking for SIMPLE, SMART, SOPHISTICATED and FAST ... this is for YOU!  I'm in love and right this second (while uploading these photos) I don't even have any embellishments on this album ... and I LOVE it!

After I finished my prep work I pulled out a stack of coasters I had gotten from Table Topics and never used.  Coasters

I cut the coasters down so basically just the question showed.  I inked around the edges and then used my Sydney Collection, Ribbon and Metal Hardware to embellish.  Isn't this fun!  What a great little conversation starter to leave laying around the house!





I have one more really cute little CD Album I constructed, however, you'll have to wait until sometime next week for that one.  I'm leaving for CK Minnesota first thing in the morning and I need to spend some time packing and preparing for our trip.  I hope to see you there!



If you need to replenish your supplies, have questions with a product, technique or are interested in one of the products I've used here please contact your ANGEL and she'll be happy to assist you!  If you don't have an Angel yet ... click on SHOP NOW on our homepage and find one in your area today!

Supply List:

  1. Sydney Circle Album Kit  V705

  2. Pewter Hardware  B123

  3. Crop-A-Dile  K100

  4. Burnt Umber Palette Ink  TT218

  5. Zip Dry Glue  D99

  6. Brayer  F267

  7. Approximately 4 3/4" diameter CDs

  8. Binder Ring

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