CKC Minnesota

Monday, November 10, 2008


We logged our last CK Convention for 2008 and boy did we have FUN meeting and greetings customers and our Angels while we were out on the road.

Here are a few snapshots I managed to get from CK Minnesota

Who KNEW that as soon as I finished teaching my class on Friday morning I'd run right into Rhonda Anderson and her puppy!  (Rhonda is one of the founders of Creative Memories).  Rhonda was in the CM booth which was located right by ours.  Rhonda is a super sweet LITTLE gal (little as in TINY) and she has the nicest spirit!  How neat it was to visit with her!

Here are some shots from the window of the room where I taught.  I didn't mind this view at all!




Here are some shots that feature some of our Angels!



  Here are some shots of Marisa working at our Make and Take Table. 



Here's a shot of some of the displays in our booth.  These are our Convention Show Case Boards and they feature artwork done by our Angels ... they are INCREDIBLE!  They have certainly generated a buzz everywhere we have taken them!


This is Lindsey.  She really didn't want to pose for me!


And then guess what happened to me on FRIDAY!?!  Oh yeah!  I was going upstairs to a class room with Lindsey and there was CATHY ZIELSKE.  Of course ... I asked for a photo or two!



You have NO IDEA how embarrassed my husband is by my behavior!  Oh well!  I don't care!  This is Cathy Zielske!  And I'm a FAN!  And I so had FUN seeing her again!

And then ... I ran into her in the bathroom.  I told her not to worry ... I didn't have my camera with me. 

Seriously though.  I was so THRILLED to learn that Cathy is an introvert ... because ... most of you don't know it ... but so am I.  HORRIBLY SO!  Like MAJOR!  I think that's why I like her so much. 

And then came Saturday.  WOWZA!  Who knew ... (OKAY.  I knew.  Because I told her what to tell Cathy to write!) ... that on Saturday my friend Debbie would get a Cathy Zielske autograph just for me!  And who knew that Cathy would actually know who I was ... 'oh ... is she that crazy blonde?'!  YEP!  She knows me alright! 


Good times for sure!  I know we have some other photos of the event also, however, these were the only ones on my camera.  It was AWESOME seeing and meeting so many of you and boy ... Minnesota is FABULOUS!

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