Penelope Pumpkin Mini Album

Thursday, November 20, 2008

11 20 08_4782

How CUTE is this little mini album!  I purchased these sets of pumpkins at our local craft store around September and have been itching to make something with them!  I knew I wanted to make a mini album ... I just wasn't sure how I was going to make it.  Until now. 

This mini album was so EASY to make it took me less than a couple of hours!

The photo above is the FRONT of the mini album and this next photo is the BACK of the mini album.

Now, these pumpkins are felt and they each have 2 layers of ORANGE.  Dark ORANGE and Light ORANGE.  The LEAVES and STEM were attached to the pumpkin and I've done NOTHING to the pumpkins themselves.  I bought them just like this. 

11 20 08_4786

The first thing I did was measure my pumpkin to see how big my album could be.  I then cut, corner rounded and inked the edges of my mini album pages.  Because I'm using Penelope Papers with this album I just went with the BROWN cardstock in our Penelope Cardstock package for a CLEAN and SIMPLE overall look. 

11 20 08_4740

Next I punched holes in my BROWN pages with my Bind-it-all.

11 20 08_4749

For the very BACK layer that would be attached directly to the PUMPKIN itself I decided it needed more stability.  So I sandwiched a piece of cut-down chipboard in between a piece of BROWN and ORANGE cardstock.  I used ORANGE on the very BACK piece because this would show through the PUMPKIN and I really like the GLOW it creates.

I punched this piece with my Bind-it-all and then attached my mini album pages together with black wire.

11 20 08_4763

I used a craft glue to attach this back page to the BACK PUMPKIN

11 20 08_4808

Here's a GREAT side-view.

11 20 08_4803

I layered the second PUMPKIN on top of my mini album pages and simply attached the two PUMPKINS together at the stem with RIBBON.  The stem and hole were already part of my pre-purchased PUMPKIN.  I added Scrappers Floss for a TOUCH of WHIMSY!

This is the first page you see when you open my mini album.  Obviously ... it's NOT 2009 yet!  I'm so busy working on 2009 business at work that my mind is in 2009.  I can EASILY fix this little boo-boo though!

I used one of the die cuts from Penelope, inked the edges and attached two pewter eyelets.  I took a piece of ORANGE Penelope Cardstock, used SCALLOP scissors to free-hand cut an oval, inked the edges and attached.  The 2009 is written on a Penelope die cut label ... I just trimmed off the two edges for a straight cut.

Did you notice the BLACK stitching I added around the GREEN oval?  How FUN is that!

11 20 08_4789

I'm debating a simple design on the inside.  Something that I can easily just drop in photos (Wallets will be PERFECT).  Possibly a design like this ...

11 20 08_4790

11 20 08_4795

11 20 08_4797

I like the REPETITION and REPEATED patterns.  I'm thinking about ONLY rounding the corner that doesn't CONNECT with BROWN and keeping the other THREE corners that DO CONNECT with BROWN straight.  I will also add doodles and stitching to the pages when I add photos. 

My Penelope die cuts and papers are SO PERFECT for this mini album!  This is the PERFECT palette for FALL.  It's RICH and LUSCIOUS and always POLISHED in its appearance!

I hope this mini album inspires YOU to make something SIMPLESMART and SOPHISTICATED this holiday season!  Happy Thanksgiving!


If you need to replenish your supplies, have questions with a product, technique or are interested in one of the products I've used here please contact your ANGEL and she'll be happy to assist you!  If you don't have an Angel yet ... click on SHOP NOW on our homepage and find one in your area today!

My Supply List for this Project:

  1. V845  Penelope Paper Collection
  2. B123  Pewter Hardware
  3. B323  Penelope Cardstock
  4. B226  Penelope Ribbon
  5. F506  Bind-it-all
  6. F530  Black Binding Wire
  7. K100  Crop-A-Dile
  8. F910  Tan Scrappers Floss
  9. F104  Scallop Scissors
  10. TT218  Burnt Umber Ink
  11. F112  Stipple Brush
  12. D99  Zip Dry Glue
  13. H102  Square Coasters
  14. Pre-purchased Felt Pumpkins
  15. Corner Rounder
  16. Pop Dots

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