Christmas Tree by Sophie and Daddy

Thursday, December 04, 2008

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Looks like the Christmas season is here!  At our house Sophie and I set up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  It's a tradition.  Well, this year we were in Colorado the day after Thanksgiving so no tree setty-uppy.

We got home on Saturday and Sophie begged and pleaded for me to get a 'different' tree this year.  I said no.  We don't need a different tree.  I have a green tree with white lights and that's what I like EVERY single year.  Year after year after year.  And the ornaments I put on my tree have to follow this color scheme ... red, white, silver, gold and can have a touch of black, green ... you know.  Very traditional I am.

Well, my Dear Hubby hasn't wanted to get out all of the the 'stuff' this year.  He's really been dragging his feet.  Sophie hasn't helped because she wanted to do something 'different'.  I said no.  If I was brave enough I would have climbed the ladder up to the attic and gotten the loot out myself.  But seriously ... like I'm going to climb up that ladder and haul down those HEAVY boxes I packed from last year?!  No way.  That's hubby's job!  Right?!

So ... I broke my tooth in half Tuesday afternoon and got scheduled into the dentist on Wednesday.  No problem.  Went to the dentist yesterday ... got my hill billy tooth fixed.  By late in the afternoon I was pretty sore so I took one of the pain pills.  I was out cold from about 4:00 till around 8:30 last night.  I vaguely remember my family walking in and nothing else.

When I woke up Sophie was SOOOOOO EXCITED to show me our Christmas tree!  I was excited too!  Actually, my first thought was "YES!  It's done!  And I didn't have to do it!"  Seriously ... we all know it's work!

Apparently the family stopped at Lowe's on the way home and they were delighted to discover most of the Christmas trees are clearanced out.  My first thought when I saw it was "DUH!  I'd put it on clearance to!"  Okay.  I'm not being mean.  I'm just telling you my very first thoughts and they just happened to be candy coated with sarcasm.

It truly was a BEAUTIFUL sight!  Sophie and her Daddy put up the tree and decorated it together.  Usually it's Sophie and Mommy so I LOVED that they did this together.  When I first saw it I couldn't help but think it looked like a Grandma tree.  Seriously!  It was NOT what I expected when I walked around that corner!  They picked a WHITE tree (Sophie did) and she wanted ALL Silver ornaments.  (Don't know where she gets that theme thangy).  Her Daddy talked her into adding Gold ornaments also.  (There was a tub full of plastic ornaments that were Gold and Silver). Here are some shots of their handy work ...

12 04 08_5008_edited-1

12 04 08_5022_edited-1

I was THRILLED when Sophie told me the Disco Balls were her FAVORITE ornaments!  Thank goodness I thought!  I didn't want my girlie-girl loosing her LOVE of BLING!

They picked out an Angel to match ...

12 04 08_5009_edited-1

But I have to say I was SERIOUSLY impressed that my Hubby thought of getting a TREE SKIRT!  (Mine are RED of course)! 

12 04 08_5015_edited-1

Neither Hubby or Sophie realized that the ornament hangers don't come with the ornaments.  No sweat.  They went down to my studio, found some white ribbon and TOGETHER made their own ornament hangers!  How COOL is that!

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My kids have such an AWESOME Daddy!  And what a GREAT surprise for me!  I'm most impressed that he let Sophie make the decisions!  I would have swayed her into getting what I wanted for sure!  Seriously!  If I'd have caved in the ornaments would have a palette that looked like this ...

12 04 08_4994_edited-1

Wait a minute!  I do have ornaments that look like this!  They are in the ATTIC

Anyway, I bought these DARLING little trees at Target a couple or so years ago when they were on clearance after the holidays and this is the palette I use to decorate for the kids! 

I really want to 'plug' meaning into the holidays this year (more than normal) and what could be a more wonderful memory for my daughter than sharing this special evening with her Daddy!  That's the best part of all!

Happy Holidays!


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