Christmas Celebration with TAC Staff

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Post for Blog  

I can't believe how FAST December is flying by this year!  Typically, I'm a bit more put together by now but this year I have been so busy with work that I didn't even start Christmas shopping until this past Wednesday! 

I did have the opportunity to do something new this year and it was such a DELIGHT!  This year I treated our TAC Staff to a Saturday afternoon of rubber stamping and crafting.  It was AWESOME!  We made four projects and focused on projects that could be made in 'bulk' and given as Christmas gifts.  What a ball we had! 

Here are some of the snapshots I managed to sneak in ...

Here are the gals starting to arrive.

Left to Right ... Jessica, Shayla, Margie, Mary and Cathy.

Christmas blog collage

L to R ... Betty, Connie, Lindsey, Jodi (top) and Shannon (bottom).

Christmas blog

Here's Cathy ringing her bell with JOY and Jodi is showing off her favor.

Christmas collage 2

L to R ... Marisa and Lindsey.

Christmas collage 3

L to R ... Betty and LaShun.

Christmas collage

L to R ... Connie and Shannon.

Collage 4

Here is a shot of me helping Cathy with a project.

Collage 5

L to R ... Mischelle, Margie and Debbie.

Collage 6

L to R ... Mary, Cathy, and Jessica.

Collage 7

Here is a shot of Jessica and I.  I look like I'm attacking her (or getting ready to) actually I'm ringing my bell quite enthusiastically

12 06 08_5092 copy

Did you notice our GORGEOUS color scheme!  Being a staff of girly girls ... we LOVE dressing up, putting on our BLING and hanging out with our GIRLFRIENDS!  These are just a few of the gals I captured on my camera ... you may even recognize some of these I've posted here!

I'd LOVE to share these projects with you ... and I will ... at Escape in January!  (these and more). You are going to LOVE them!  Club MEDs look forward to some of the 'other' FUN and FABULOUS ideas you may see in some of these shots!

Merry Christmas Friends!


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