Monday, March 02, 2009

Hello Friends!

I want to apologize for not posting on my blog in so long ... I am humble and my face is RED!  That said I have been SWAMPED!  We have been so busy here at The Angel Company and as a result much of my time has been completely devoted to meetings, strategic development, program development and more. I'm very excited with all that we are working on and look forward to sharing more!

I'm also THRILLED to announce that I have invited three INCREDIBLY talented Angels to be Guest Designers on my Savvy Projects Blog for the next SIX months! 

Each of these Angels was 'discovered' in our Contest Entry Room.  I LOVE peeking and poking around in the Contest Entries and I'm always so AMAZED by the sheer talent of our Angels.  And then I feel sad that not more can enjoy the feast of fabulousness that I find in this room.  So I got to thinking what a WONDERFUL thing it would be to have Guest Designers on our Savvy Projects Blog!  How blessed and inspired you will be by the creative ideas these lovely ladies share with us!  I'll formally introduce my Guest Designers in an upcoming post and share a little something about each.

Until then ... many blessings!


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