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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So I got an email not to long ago from Chris Franco who had done a CPS Challenge.  {card positioning system}  I soon discovered that a CPS is basically the same thing as a {SKETCH}.  You may have known this already, but, I didn't.

So in this Hop I am featuring some of the cards that were featured on Chris' CPS Challenge.  This is really cool and I think you'll enjoy seeing what each of the ladies designed.  I know I did!

Here is the {cps} that each of the ladies designed from.


The card above as well as this one were both designed by Chris Franco.  I MUST say ... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the card above!  And what a GORGEOUS palette!  It makes me so happy!


Next is a card designed by Debbie OlsonLOVE this!  WOW!

Chris Franco

This one is by Kandis Smith.  The BLING on the side is so neat!

Chris franco2

Melissa Phillips designed this next one.  WOOOW!  This is amazing!  I love Melissa's style!

Chris franco3

This is by Lea Lawson.  Another GORGEOUS color palette!  And LOVE the BLING!


This next one is one of my FAVORITES!  I LOVE Winchester. I'm not positively certain but it looks like Chris Franco may have designed it.  LOVE the stitching on the side!


This next one is another favorite!  It just makes me smile!  The designer is Jeanne Streiff.


Now we have a great design by Tami Mayberry.


These next two cards are both designed by Laura Williams.


And we end with another of my favorites.  Isn't this darling!  LOVE it!Chrisfrancocard

Okay ... so all of the cards featured ... I LOVE!  How can you not?  Thank you for sharing with us Chris!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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