"You're good with it, right?!"

Friday, April 24, 2009

04 24 09_6970

Shame on a girl for taking a nap in front of the TV.  I wasn't even out an hour {I just wanted to sit down a minute and rest} and thank goodness Shug called from town and the phone woke me up.  I picked up the phone, turned around and looked out the back door.  This is what I saw. 

Sophie and Lindsey.  Playing in our mud.

04 24 09_6990

04 24 09_6997

04 24 09_7008

04 24 09_7027

04 24 09_7036 

I went out with my camera and snapped a few photos before Shug got home.  On my way in Sophie said, "Mommy.  Tell Daddy you're good with it k."  long pause.  "You're good with it, right?!"

Then Daddy came home.  First words out of his mouth "Please tell me you got pictures of this!"  Of course I did!  What a GREAT photo op.

And then Daddy got to hose them off before they could go jump in the shower.

04 24 09_7216

04 24 09_7228

04 24 09_7275

04 24 09_7288

04 24 09_7294

They've been begging to play in the mud ... they saw a window of opportunity and seized the moment!  SMART girls!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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