A Boy and A Bike

Sunday, April 26, 2009

04 25 09_7470

Aren't you glad we're NOT your next door neighbor! 

Our backyard has dirt.  Lots of dirt.  And motorcycle jumps.  And this is what my Boy would like to spend most of his time doing.  Jumping.

04 25 09_7505

04 25 09_7520

04 25 09_7523

04 25 09_7567

I must say he's really good at wheelies to!

04 25 09_7437

04 25 09_7441

04 25 09_7541

I love this kid!  But seriously ... you really should be glad you're NOT our neighbor!  You'd be hearing this bike in your sleep!

These fella's of mine dream of riding.  All the time.  A group of dad's around here were getting together and were planning on taking their boys' to Little Sahara (in Oklahoma).  And they camp out the whole weekend.  Can I tell you HOW THANKFUL I AM that my hubby refused to go.  UNTIL ... AFTER the annual rattlesnake round up.  Yep.  Every year they get a huge group of people together and try to round up and clear out all of the rattlesnakes so they don't collide with the riders.

I think I'll stick with paper crafting myself. 

Happy Paper Crafting!


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