Monkey Bread Recipe!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monkey Bread 

This is the YUMMIEST!

Monkey Bread Copy    

So ... instead of using pecans I use chopped walnutsYUM!  And if you don't have caramel ice cream topping sub it with BUTTERSCOTCH pudding mix ... BUT NOT INSTANT!  Just open it up and sprinkle the whole package (I use the LARGE box) around your bundt pan.  It's DELICIOUS!

Also ... after I cut my cinnamon rolls  into quarters I toss them into a mixing bowl with the sugar, butter and nuts.  Then I mix it all up TOGETHER and THEN put it into the bundt pan.  I have dipped each roll piece individually as it says above,  however, you can't tell the difference so I opt for efficiency and saving time so I do this all at once!  It works like a charm!

There are other recipes for this same bread and I've tried lots of them, however, I think this one from Rhodes is my favorite!  You can visit their website for more great recipes Rhodes Bread.

I smell it baking now and it is HEAVENLY!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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