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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

06 12 09_8795

Check out these FABULOUS cards designed by Laurie Willison!  Laurie used our Clear Gelly Pen and traced inside the wings.  In person it is stunning!

06 12 09_8797

I'm not certain if this Dream Tag Holder is by Laurie or not???!  It has no name on it so I'm honestly not sure.  I LOVE it though!

06 12 09_8801

06 12 09_8803

06 12 09_8819

And here is a bookmark I made trying to figure out which Gelly Pen Laurie was using to create such FABULOUS wings!  It wasn't this one for sure!

06 12 09_8805

And here are some specTACular cards from Seminar Swaps!

This is designed by Shawna Renville:

Seminar Cards-1

This is Lori Tracz:

Seminar Cards-2

By Michelle McDaniel:

Seminar Cards-3

By Marie Gruenberger:

Seminar Cards-4

By Candi Dierenfield:

Seminar Cards-5

By JoAnn Cisneros:

Seminar Cards-6

A Holly Mays Original:

Seminar Cards-7

A Diana Maldonado Original:

Seminar Cards-8

By Amy Kolling:

Seminar Cards-9

How darling are these!  I will share more tomorrow!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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