Seminar 2009 Anything But A Card Swaps!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Seminar 2009-01

I think this is so clever!  Jenny McGhee re-purposed the top of a can and created this darling magnet.  LOVE it!

Seminar 2009-02

Sandy Allen was kind enough to let me borrow this 'roommate gift' she received from Candi Dierenfield.  How FABULOUS is this!

I was worried about the glass, however, it is acrylic!  Candi created a wrap out of cardstock and embellished a glitter letter with some BLING!

Inside Candi filled the glass with all things sweet and delicious.  I'm thinking this would be so FANTASTIC for a little girls' party ... or even a big girls' party!  LOVE it!

Seminar 2009-03

This was created by Sandy Allen and is a key chain.  How cool!  Sandy used her Cricket to cut the paper.  She told be there were FOUR layers attached together to get it to this thickness.  WOW!  Talk about quality!

Seminar 2009-04

Seminar 2009-05

Now this is a keeper!  Heather Scott gave this to her roommates for a roommate gift at Seminar.  I think this is SOOOO clever.  Heather re-purposed a plastic checkbook cover and created, well, a FABULOUS carrying case for personal items.

Seminar 2009-06

Seminar 2009-07

Seminar 2009-08

Lisa Barracco stole my heart with this hello chickie design!  Packaged inside were Chicklets, of course!

Seminar 2009-09

You know how much I adore Pat Genardo's Card Candy.  Well, she was trading it at Seminar! 

Seminar 2009-10

Rhonda Smith designed this delightful and delicious little treat.  LOVE it!  Again, what a fun project to make for a party!

Seminar 2009-11

Seminar 2009-12

Seminar 2009-13

LOVE!  LOVE!  LOVE!  Hollly Mays designed this domino necklace and I think it's sensational!  She used wonder tape around the edges and finished it off with a touch of glitter.  Notice the bail on the back of the domino.  It looks so polished and sophisticated.  Holly told me that she found these at her local craft store.

Seminar 2009-14

Seminar 2009-15

What an INCREDIBLY talented group of Angels!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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