Be A Blessing ~ Joy Card & Pencils for Sophie

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sophie 1

Welcome to a new category on my blog ~ Be A Blessing!  Those of you familiar with The Angel Company know that we place great value in the scripture 'we have been blessed so that we may be a blessing.'  It's a really BIG deal to us!  And because it is such a big deal to us ~ we thought it would be a great idea to show you some of the things we're doing to bless others.  At least this was important to me because I don't naturally think of this stuff!  I've learned so much from the ladies that I work with and my dear friends.  They have taught me (and continue to teach me) how to be a blessing and I am so grateful!

Each month we would like to begin sharing with you little ideas that you can use to make a BIG difference in the lives of your friends, family, loved ones and children!  And this month I'm starting off with a simple little project that I did for my daughter.

When we were back-to-school shopping Sophie saw this little pencil and pencil sharpener set at our local office supply store.  She wanted it and I said 'no' because I thought it was to expensive for what it contained.  (OK ~ it was $3 retail ~ but she has to learn!).  Well, I was in the office supply store today and there it was on clearance for $1.50!  YES!  I picked it up and knew that I was going to use it to bless Sophie!  And seriously ... how COOL is this box!


The only thing I needed to do was make a card for my girl.  Now ~ I know this is an unconventional looking kitty, however, I colored it with my daughter in mind!  This is all about blessing her!  I used one of our newest stamp sets T3419 Ever Grateful ~ oh how I LOVE it!

I colored 2 white flowers with one of the Copic markers that I used on the kitty.  And I added bling because she LOVES those bling flowers!


And then I just added a simple sentiment inside.  One of the great things about blessing kids is that 'short and sweet' is the best way to go!  And it doesn't have to be mushy to be meaningful!


Finally, I added some ribbon around the box and slipped the card under.  Then I placed it on her pillow.  Who doesn't love pillow presents?!  Right!


I find that the people that are the closest to me are typically the ones that I neglect to bless the most.  So one of my newest goals is to begin blessing others with my creative talents ~ like cardmaking!  I CAN do that!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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  1. This is just adorable!

  2. Ya know...I need to do that more. Bless and surprise my kids with things that I've previously said "no" to. Thanks for the reminder, and great coloring with Copics!

  3. You just made me cry--thanks a lot! jk Just the other day I gave three cards I really loved and wanted to hoard. I set them on three different co-workers desks--and told them this is a little something to make your desk look pretty. They all smiled and said thank-you. I know they are enjoying more than i did-- why do we hoard our cards when they are such a blessing to others? Well, no more hoarding for me--in fact I am going to go through my stash soon and give them away as blessings too.

  4. Thanks for continuing to remind us to be a blessing in others lives! We all need a little kick in the tail every now and then! I love how you blessed your little one! Let me know some ideas for the guys in your life! I'm surrounded by them. No estrogen in this household but mine!!!!

  5. Just a lil note to let you know that you are a blessing in my life, thanks for be YOU!

  6. You've really made me want this kitty! What a super card and so glad for Sophie the box went on sale - but I'm like that too. I'm trying to teach the kids to watch their money... I have oodles of notepads I've picked up over the years - now to use them and turn them into a blessing!