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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sweet Thoughts 2

A friend recently asked me what my secret was for coloring with Copic markers.  She definitely wanted me to pull out a magic wand, wave it three times over her head (and the tips of her Copics), sprinkle a little glitter and WALLAH! 

If only my secret really were that FABULOUS!  {smiles}  I wish I could glamor this up a bit but the plain and simple truth is ... practice, practice, practice.  I know.  NOT what you wanted to hear! 

Make it easy though!  Stamp off some images and store them with your Copics.  If you're going to pick the kids up from school grab a set and play in the car while you wait.  Same thing with sports practices!  SOOOO much waiting time there!  I find that I like coloring in front of the tv.  I listen while I color.  I've even brought better lighting into the family room so I can see what I'm coloring!  If you have a longer lunch break ... color!  It's so relaxing and will the time ever fly!

This is an image that I colored yesterday afternoon, in front of the tv, with my daughter cuddled up beside me breathing down my arm.  Sophie LOVES to watch me color and while it does make it more difficult on me (extra movement, she can't sit still, her head laying on my shoulder) it's really a great thing!  She LOVES art and I know that she's learning.  I know because I see what she creates in my studio while I'm not there!  LOL!  AND she loves spending time watching me color!  Go figure!

Hope you enjoy!


Sorry I didn't list sets and numbers ~ I let my test group for my Caboodles(tm) class use my markers on Friday and I haven't re-organized them back into sets yet!

Sweet Thoughts

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  1. your coloring on this is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. LOVELY! I'm expecting that talent to rub off on me in class on Friday! :-)

  3. Your coloring is awesome! I love your skin tones...I seem to only do one shade/type. Hoping I learn some of this in class on Friday :)

  4. Great post, Mischelle. I guess great minds think alike, because, yesterday, I wrote a post entitled, "Practice, Practice, Practice." It included pages from the sketchbook I carry with me, so I can draw while I'm waiting in the car with a sleeping baby. I've played with my Copics, but I definitely need more practice to get a better feel for how they work. Your Copic techniques are apparently very effective, because your work is beautiful.

  5. I can see you improving as you share with us! :) It gives me great hope. I just love the shading on these two ladies - I have to learn how to leave those lighter spots without having a harsh cut off line.

  6. Beautiful!!!
    Your coloring is perfect on this one, skin tones are so much more challenging to do!
    I do agree as Mom used to say... practice makes perfect! LOL!
    Sure wish you were closer so I could come and take your copic class!