Thursday, August 19, 2010


When I got home from work Tuesday night I walked into the house (with my arms full of course) and was instantly told to get my camera and go find the girls.  I hadn't even set down my handbag yet and my feet were throbbing.  REALLY?! 

Ok.  So I grabbed my camera and off I headed to find Sophie and my niece Ashley.  They couldn't wait to show me what they and discovered in the treeline behind our shed!

Yep.  Mama cat and her 3 kittens!

The little one below only came out momentarily and then ran for cover.  Its left eye wasn't quite 'normal' so I'm not sure what happened to the sweet little thing.

Mama was NOT shy.  She was ALL over me.

And so were 2 of her babies.

A little face to die for!  Isn't this sweet little thing SOOOO beautiful!

And this little baby!  Oh my goodness ...


After about 1/2 an hour I ventured back into the house.  We are now feeding mama and babies every night at the treeline.  What can I say?!  I'm a sucker for a furry face.  NO!  They are NOT coming to live with us!  LOL!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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  1. Be careful! I tell my kids that everytime a stray comes along and we now have 5 furry faces in the family. :)

  2. Oh what fabulous pictures...they are so cute!!

  3. It's hard to resist those sweet faces! Love the photo of your toes peeking out behind all that fur! :)

  4. Although they are adorable--they would not make it into my house either. :o) How is Stella? We need updates up know. LOL

  5. NOT coming to live with you? Oh you are too funny!!!
    Watch out, they steal your heart!!!
    That Momma cat looks just like a cat we used to have. Her name was Sassy....and boy was she prolific!!! I still have two of her babies...who are now both almost 15 years old.
    The one orange tabby looks like Buddy, one she had also....and the Calico looks like BABY, who disappeared when we lived on a farm.
    Ahhh, those were the days!

  6. So true they are so adorable. The little orange one looks just like our Hoboski cat.
    And now for feeding them.... and them not coming into your house. You might as well stop feeding them now. Cause they will work their way into your life, more than you think they will. That's how I got Hoboski.
    He was one of 4 kittens born in our backyard. And his momma looked just like your momma kitty. Hoboski is the love of our life.

  7. Oh so very adorable! They are cute! Kitties, puppies, cats, and dogs sure do bring us all kinds of joy! Your furry family is growing by leapsand bounds!

  8. One of my blogs is Purrfect Sentiments. Need I say more? Sir Chester is the CEO. He is a red tabby and my loving companion (besides my DH)

  9. Remember: If you feed them they will come and stay. Cause they know where to get the good stuff.