#91 Pick A Posey

Tuesday, March 04, 2014


C1576 Pick A Posey $13.95
I have been DREAMING of playing with this stamp set so last night I whipped it out and quickly made a couple of cards ... just to give it a test drive.  OH.MY.GOSH!  Be still my heart ... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this set!

Now typically I wouldn't make a shot like the one above my hero shot, however, keep reading and you'll see why I did.
SERIOUSLY!  Do you not LOVE this set?  It is SO AWESOME.  It makes me happy and smiley and it's so girly!  Additionally ... it is trendy and modern and sophisticated and perfect for quick cards.
I haven't attached the OH HAPPY DAY yet ... right now I just want to see how it looks.  And I had an idea so I decided to snap a couple 'working' shots of the card while it looks SMOKIN' ... in case I completely destroyed it ... which I did ...
So ... genius here decided to pull out a blue and a green Copic marker.  Where the card is stamped in blue I highlighted some of these areas even more with my blue Copic.  And I LOVED the results.  And then ... green met my heavy hand and it all went to BLAH! 

But ... can I tell you what I LOVE?  My Copics worked AWESOME with the CTMH ink pads! No running ink ... no bleeding ... no nothing.  Just perfection!  I love playing with my supplies and trying new things ... sometimes disaster strikes but sometimes ... you make a masterpiece ... and sometimes still ... you learn new things about your tools!
I attached the OH HAPPY DAY banner with pop dots and decided I really should be done ... before this card gets so bad I can't even send it to my mom! {hey ... she still pulls a few of my things out of the trash and hangs them on the fridge ... this would be one of those things!  smiles}

I can't wait to show you the other card I made with this set ... that will be my next post of course!  Until then ...

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