#125 Artistic Adventure Bound!

Monday, June 23, 2014

It feels like the week of Christmas ... for this papercrafter anyway!  I am absolutely EXHAUSTED (as I should be) as I wrap up all of my pre-convention 'stuff' and get ready to go.  I'm hoping I'll be able to buy postage stamps at the hotel?  PLEASE! {fingers crossed} I have swap cards all ready to drop into the mail to my Hostess Clubbers and Team Members .... I  just need STAMPS ... this girl has obviously NOT adjusted to the new hours of our local post office.  I just missed them! {sad face}.  Oh well.  Why NOT send them from Convention ... that's even more authentic!  {smiles}
So the glimpses of the two cards above are part of a 'SNARKY' card pack I created for my roommates that I'm calling Convention Survival Cards.  They say the things that sometimes you want to say ... but can't.  So ... when they need a good laugh they can go to the room, pull out these snarky cards and laugh their hinnies off.  That's the plan anyway.  I TOTALLY CASED the cards in these sets and hope to share more photos throughout the week ... if I have the opportunity that is!
FINALLY ... these are FINISHED! Will shoot and share the final results at Convention!
So the activities officially kick off, for me, tomorrow evening.  I.CAN.HARDLY.WAIT! 

I'm not taking my camera but AM planning on using my phone to take, upload and share photos ... if not even a video now and then ... most likely on my FaceBook ... so keep a watchful eye for the Convention haps!

Hoping your week, and mine, are FABULOUS!

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