#154 Lovely Birthday

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This card is inspired by Originals Pattern: Cubes & Colors on page 11 of Originals.
Talk about outside the box for me ... it's hard to go outside of your comfort zone and into uncharted, unfamiliar design territory.  That's just ONE of the reasons WHY walking through this book is GREAT for me!  I'm absolutely LOVING it and LOVE that I'm learning every time I create.

And here's something you don't know about me:
I LOVE coloring my images ... but putting them together on a card is my LEAST favorite part.
THANK GOODNESS for Originals!  It is making the entire process a joy for me!
WISHES is on my CTMH wish list ... and I can hardly wait!  {smiles}
My images for this card are stamped on watercolor paper.
I wanted to attempt a dreamy, watercolor look with my Twin Touch markers ...
and this is what I ended up with.
For a girl who is HEAVY,  HEAVY, HEAVY handed with coloring ...
I was okay with these results!

TIP:  To achieve this look I relied on my Colorless Blender!
I picked my color up from my Twin Touch Markers with my Colorless Marker.
Then I colored in the images with the color on the Colorless Blender.
For the saying parts in YELLOW ... I outlined these words with my lightest yellow and then went over them with my Colorless Blender quite a bit.  I also dropped in Marigold with my Colorless Blender.

LOVELY was completely done using the Colorless Blender to pick up my Pink and then color in the word.
As with all products ... there is a learning curve to coloring with alcohol markers.
When using various types of papers, such as watercolor paper, this increases
that learning curve.  Watercolor paper takes the ink very differently than say my Copic Express.

Play.  Doodle.  Experiment.

TIP:  To get the saturated dreamy color in my leaves I went over my paper with
my colorless blender before dropping in color.  This dampened the paper and
gave me a head start for a watercolor look.

TIP:  Work one area at a time until you feel comfortable with larger spaces.
TIP:  Stamp your image quite a few times and take it with you ... you can always find a few minutes to doodle while you're waiting!
TIP:  Don't forget the inside!  And Washi Tape!  {smiles}
This stamp set, Lovely Birthday, is fast becoming one of my MOST.FAVORITES!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working with it and look forward to showing you more of what it can do!

PARTING TIP: Leave some white space in your images ... it adds to the esthetic.

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