#162 BOO! How To Color with Touch Twin Alcohol Markers

Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm not going to lie ... I'm embarrassed that I assembled this card in a whirlwind so I could get this post done!  I'm sure we've all done that though!  The GREEN Arrow Washi Tape is our CTMH Washi Tape and I used my Leaf Green Twin Touch Marker to color it the color I needed!
We need more of this colorless Washi Tape for sure!  {smiles}
BOO! Happy & Haunted Cards can be seen HERE!
I was so EXCITED that so many have asked for a video tutorial on HOW TO with ins and outs of these cards.  So ... here is the low budget, I did this with my iPhone, Mischelle is in the middle of moving version.  {smiles}

Here are a couple of things to note quickly:

  • The images that I color off camera are much better because I constantly rotate my stamped image around, 360 degrees, while I'm coloring it.  You'll get a much nicer finished image doing this. 
  • In the videos I don't say all of the colors correctly (that I was coloring with) while I was using them ... so just ignore that!
  • The jars in this image are from the new CTMH Hostess Set on page 5 on Annual Inspirations.  It's called Sweet As Sugar.

Part 1:  Masking the Skulls in the Jar

Part 2:  Coloring the Skulls

Part 3:  Progress Peek

Part 4:  Coloring the Eyes & Background Inside Jar

Part 5:  Coloring the Jar

Part 6:  The Colorless Blender & Finishing  Tips

Featured Twin Touch Markers:

  • Colorless Blender
  • WG4  Warm Grey
  • Y222  Golden Yellow
  • Y49  Pastel Green
  • GY234  Leaf Green
  • B68  Turquoise Blue
  • BG61  Peacock Green

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