#163 OWL-oween Home Decor

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This little Owl Hanger shows you how to create a little somethin' somethin' for those with a limited number of Twin Touch Colors ... or for those who just want to play with technique!

The purple body of this little owl is created with  just ONE shade of purple.
Color the body purple and then begin shading from the center out.

TIP:  If you'd like to give the owl's tummy a shape ... like I've done ... begin by sketching
this shape in with your Colorless Blender.  It will take 4-6 times to get this kind of impact.
I added some Gray to the wings and mask ... and then thought I needed another color just for
some pizzazz ... so I grabbed my turquoise!  YUM!  After adding it to the wings and mask I added
hints of it to the body as well.  Just to make my image more dynamic and not so flat.
Using just ONE color can leave you with a ONE NOTE creation at times ... YIKES!

My two yellows go hand in hand ... I never use one without the other ...

I used my stylus to punch some small holes in my pieces and then attached them
to each other with wire.  I used the tip of my stylus to curl the wire.  SUPER easy!

TIP:  Don't forget your journaling pen! It adds SO much pizzazz!
It's been difficult to see on my photos ... but I ALWAYS pop up at least ONE layer ... if not TWO!
Sometimes using less ... in this case marker colors ...
means that I need to focus on incorporating a few more design elements ...
you have to keep it interesting!  {smiles}

And ... of course ... I added a touch more interest with my White Gel Pen.
I can't help but chuckle when I look at this piece ...
I was just showing it to my mom and she looked at it for all of 2 seconds before
being completely OVER it!  LOL!

I told Sophie:  "I should have told her you made it!"  We laughed our hinnies off!

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