#174 Look Who's Hooking ...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's been well over a decade, if not two, since I've picked up my hooks.  

It all started when I was remembering a ripple afghan that my Grandma O'Farrell made for me when I was in middle school.  I have no idea where that baby is now ... but oh I wish I did!  Grandma taught me how to crochet when I was around 12ish ... give or take a year or two younger.  Remembering made me want to create.  So off to the store I went.  Dozens of patterns and skeins of yarn later ... I decided I wanted to incorporate the granny square that Grandma taught me into my piece.  Then I just started to make pieces into a pattern that I hoped was coming together in my mind.  {we'll soon found out how well that worked out!}
This is the basic granny square Grandma taught me to make eons ago. It's crazy that I even remember it ... but I'm so glad I do!
One of my favorite things Grandma created were flowers. These make me think of her ...
This was a new square for me ... something new to go with my sweet memories.
This past Memorial Day weekend I started putting my creation together ...
What a CRAZY mess it was!  {That creature with the eyes will eventually be an owl ... as will the two other larger blocks}. 

I spent WELL over 2 hours playing with layouts and FINALLY came up with a concept I could happily go forward with.  This is where a plan to begin with would have been wise ... but ... I needed the practice!  After all, I hadn't touched a hook in almost 20 years.  I'm SO glad I did though ... it feels so good to just sit down and crochet the day away!  And my TO DO List ... big sigh ... I already have one!  LOL!

I'm looking forward to sharing more of my progress as I go ... I can't wait to see the final product!

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