#175 Making Progress ...

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Thank you Lord, I FINALLY got to a place I thought I could stop.  So I did.  And FINALLY I started laying out blocks.  Happiest day ever!

... 2 1/2 ... 3 hours later ... I'm still laying out blocks.  Not happy with any layout.  BIG sigh.
So ... I broke it down into manageable, eye pleasing (at least to me) sections.  12 blocks total.  9 granny spaces in each block.  LOVE!  Back to HAPPIEST DAY EVER!
My blocks are numbered and the stitching together began ... BIG SIGH!  OMGosh .... SO many ends to sew in ...
Nothing hard about it ... just tedious at times.  There has to be something good on TV so the time flies by while I'm working.  Next project I'm thinking I'll sew these in as I go.  And I'll map out a pattern BEFORE I start!  {We'll see how that works for me ... smiles}
And then ... MORE blocking!  A necessary step ... I like it neat and clean ... and somewhat precise.
My last batch is being blocked as I type.  I have 2 more sections to sew in the ends ... and then I can start the larger assembly.  I'm SUPER excited for that.  I did notice last night that may sharpie marker that I used to draw my boxes onto my mat BLED onto my white yarn ... SERIOUSLY!  It's not the end of the world ... but what a bummer.  I keep telling myself this is a learning project ... I need to get back into the grove of it.  Well ... LEARNING, I am.

This week my blocking will be done and I should start assembling them later this week.  I can hardly wait!  And the dozens, and DOZENS, of blocks I didn't use ... I'm using those for little projects to go with it.  I'm SUPER excited to share my owl stuffie I made on Sunday ... I may even shoot it with a regular camera and NOT my phone.  {GO ME}

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