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Saturday, April 22, 2017

I recently made a mixed media journal for myself.  It includes black, white and kraft cardstock, corruboard pages, vellum pages, old dictionary pages ... all that yummy stuff.  I wanted to give this layout a try on black cardstock.  Of course, I used Tall Town.

I may have let too much of my crazy show here.  I used gelli prints for the backgrounds and then layered on the houses.  My white doodles then took over the scene.  It's a happy little layout ... and colorful.  You might be able to tell ... I sealed this with gel medium to protect it.  I can see the foam brush strokes on the black cardstock.
So this is next to a vellum page in my journal.  I'll want to be mindful of whatever I do on this vellum page ... I want to make sure it compliments the black layout beneath it.  Perhaps something with gentle white embossing?
And ... here we have an unfinished layout.  I wasn't happy with the doodling I'd done on this layout BEFORE I added the houses.  Well, adding the houses didn't make me love this page any more.  So, I'll be thinking about how to make this work.  Or get it to a place I'm happy with.

Are you Tall Towned out yet?!  I seriously cannot put this collection down!  Who knows when/where it will pop up next ... ??!

I hope I've inspired you to get your pinky's inky this week!


Vera Lane Studio - Tall Town
Copic Markers
Black Pitt Markers - F, S & B
White Posca Marker
Gel Medium

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  1. Fantastic work, Mischelle! I love the first one but I also love your doodling pages! :o)