#305 Word of God Journaling | God Glory Art Workshop

Friday, July 07, 2017

July 1st kicked off Jamie Dougherty's 'God Glory Art' Online Workshop ~ a 6-month long, faith-based journey with 10 amazing artist instructors.  This first week was truly a joy as I stepped completely out of my box and created my first Bible Journaling spread ... it was scary, exciting and so satisfying!

For this workshop, I'm using a blank mixed media journal and a journaling Bible.  I created my first layout in my journal which helped me muster up the courage to re-create the layout in my Bible.  I have to say ~ I immediately fell in LOVE with journaling directly in my Bible.  The paper in my Bible is so creamy and luscious ... a joy to 'art' on.  {smiles}
I didn't have all of the supplies on hand that Jamie used in this first class ... so I used what I had and adjusted as needed. 

For my mixed media journal, I added dictionary pages as my base layer.  I picked up an old children's Bible at a used book store and am using it as a source for scripture.  I think it will come in super handy for this journal.  I highlighted the verse in pink and here you can see it peeking out on the right page.

I think it's super important to use my own writing in projects ... even when I'm not loving it.  I so cherish seeing the penmanship of friends and family who've passed on ... my heart LOVES it!  So, I use my writing in my projects for that reason alone.

There is still time to join in this online class ... and would you believe it's less than $10 a month?!  Check it out!


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