#359 Four Watercolor Cards & an ATC with Vera Lane Studio

Friday, April 12, 2019

There's a new girl on Vera Lane ... Under My Umbrella debuted this week ... she's kind of perfect for the CRAZY and unexpected weather we've been having! 

I've been practicing my watercolor ... and as you can see ... I had lots of fun playing with 'rain'.

This card was painted with Brea Reese Glitter Watercolors.  These are VIBRANT inks and definitely strong ... a little goes a long way.  I absolutely adore the sparkle they bring to every project.  I used my white Posca marker to highlight here and there.

I LOVE adding spatters to watercolor ... such an easy way to add interest and dimension.  I especially like it with the 'rain' pouring down.
I continued working with my Brea Reese Glitter Watercolors and focused on trying to create a LIGHT, pastelish piece.  Unsaturated, light palettes are a HUGE challenge for me ... I keep working on them though.  {smiles}
I came incredibly close to trashing this piece when the purple 'rain' ran right down her face and I couldn't fix it ... I didn't though and am glad.  I kind of like that it feels like real life ... some days the rain and struggles of life do leave us just like this.
I used pan watercolors on this card.  This card was SUPER fun to make and I LOVED mark making with my watercolors and my Posca marker.
I did color all of their skin tones with Copic markers.  I have not mastered skin palettes with watercolor ... yet.  LOL!

Every month our Vera Lane Studio Facebook Group hosts a swap.  Last month we made ATC (Artist Trading Card) Coins.  This month the theme is 'Off With Their Heads' ... a fan favorite theme for sure!  This little gal is my ATC for the swap.  Matilda's head with a snail body.  I love what you can do with digi stamps!

Matilda is a happy little gal ... she always makes me smile.   Snail's Pace is an oldie but goodie.  This has been a great set for my watercolor practice.
I used my pan watercolors to paint my ATC and the snail card below.
This is the card I'm going to mail by ATC with.  I just couldn't stop swapping heads once I started!
I've been trying to reacquaint myself with watercolor techniques and that's what this card was all about.  Lots of practice.  I used regular salt on the card background to get the funky look ... I forget that it seems to have a more powerful reaction to the wet paint than chunkier sea salt does.  I used my white Posca marker to add highlights and doodles.

You can check out the Vera Lane Studio Facebook Group here.  You may even decide to join in on the fun!

Thanks for stopping by ... have a BLESSED weekend!


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