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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sometimes ... you just can't stop.  Had I not made myself quit ... I'd still be making these cards/journal pages.  I LOVE them!  And isn't it great when you don't have to color an entire town to make it work?!  Just drop in some gray and you are good to go!

Tall Town is playing a supporting role in this collection.  I actually printed the Tall Town images grayscale - at 50%.  If you aren't sure about using digi stamps/grayscale ... swing by the Vera Lane Studio Blog.  Janet does an excellent job answering common questions!
So, my background images are printed at 50%.  The images that are focal points are all printed normally.  You'll see that I used my gray Copic marker to ground the buildings and my focal pieces.  I used C1 and C3.  Each layout utilizes Tall Town:
Enjoy the Ride is not currently in the Etsy store.  However, Janet will activate for anyone interested in it.  FYI ~ Janet also keeps a catalog in our FB Group so we can see what other selections are available.  It's a great resource and another reason why you should join the group.
I have been using these sayings, from I'm a Bird, for everything!  I've printed them in several different sizes and they've quickly become a go to for me!
This little gal is my FAVORITE!  She was the first card I made and I ended up layering her onto the card front with a border.  The other cards I didn't layer with an indent.  I just cut to size and added to the card front.  It's a much cleaner look.
Have you noticed what is missing?!  NO white marker!  I had to make myself NOT touch it.  This little gal is from a collection called Cheers.  I had to have her so I could get those balloons.  Now, I  adore her.  LOL!

I used my black Pitt marker to doodle around the 'cheers' saying.  And added some twine for balloon string.
She would look so cute with some white polka dots and doodles ... just sayin'!  {smiles}
And I had to twist my arm to try colors I don't normally use.  It's a challenge for me to venture into some of my other colors.  My Sheer Shimmer Spritz looks super funky in this shot ... ???!

My image and saying come from The Photographer:
Another fun set.  I use that polaroid image often.
These make for super quick cards!  And they are so striking in person.  The Kansas weather did not help me at my photo shoot this week ...  BIG SIGH ... I so love these cards in person!
This little pig.  He cracks me up!  He almost didn't make it to a card ... but I decided ... what the heck.  He is from Enjoy the Ride and the balloons are from Cheers.
I used silver metallic thread for the balloon strings.  They are super thin and almost get lost in the scene.
And, Miss Dee.  Miss Dee looks good any where she pops up!  I'm itching to make more cards oriented this way.  I love that both vertical and horizontal cards work well with this layout.
Miss Dee is from the Dark Corner collection.
On to some hauntingly good fun ...
How fun would it be to do a season set?!  I know I'd love it ... LOL!  For this I had fun adding spider webs, spiders and ghosts in the background.  I have a feeling I'll be using Tall Town for some haunted creations later this fall.
Jack O'lanterns is not in the VLS shop at the moment, but, it is available.  Again, just holler at owner/designer Janet and she'll activate any set you need if it's not currently showing in the store.
And ... I had to throw in a journal layout!
This little gal is my favorite on the cards so I thought I'd make her a permanent part of my journal.  What an easy layout ... and I LOVE it!
I used my $1 Michaels alphabet to stamp the saying.  She does come with this saying, however, I wanted an organic look for this page ... so I stamped it.

I am obsessed with Tall Town!  Really, what more can I say?  This will be an all purpose set for me.

I invite you to join us on Vera Lane ~ my favorite place to hang out.


Vera Lane Studio - Tall Town, Enjoy the Ride, Cheers, The Photographer, Miss Dee, Jack O'lanterns
Copic Markers
Black Pitt Pen - F & B
Silver Thread
Foam Tape

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  1. Delightful set of cards and journal pages! Love the Tall Town set!
    What do you use to cut out your character digis?

    1. Thank you, Denise! I fussy cut my characters! I do want to get the Brother Scan n' Cut ... but ... I'm fussy cutting until then. :-)

  2. Aa absolutely amazing collection, Mischelle! I love the buildings in greyscale as a background and you've chosen perfect focal images and sentiments. Beautiful! xx

  3. WOW! I did notice the lack of white pen and was happy, actually! Weird, I know, but I want to make my white pen enhance my digis, but it doesn't seem to have the same creativeness as yours. Maybe it is the brand.....ha, I wish. This is an awesome set of cards and every time I see what you have made, I have to buy more digis from the shop!

    1. Yes, Nancy! No white pen! It's so much fun to doodle with but ... I have to let it rest between projects. LOL! :-)